What Are The Top Computer Gadgets You Should Buy?

Technology is an area where innovations galore, and consumers are getting to use some cool and unusual gadgets that were unimaginable a few decades ago due to these innovators. The use of computers which was limited only to specific industries is now a pervasive device all over the world used in all offices and homes, and there are some very cool gadgets to enhance the user experience. These gadgets will also improve your productivity too which can range from keyboards, mouse to other computer accessories. Below is a list of such top devices for your computer.  If you want playstation network refund, you can check the internet to get some tips.

Airbar: This device brings touchscreen to your PC or laptop. It is a USB device which is attached to the laptop’s bezel. No special software is needed, and it is plug and play. The best part of this gadget is that you do not need any stylus to touch the screen with, you can use your fingers or even a paintbrush to activate the touchscreen. The only drawback is that it cannot be attached to any device but can be used only on laptops or computers.

Slidenjoy: Users can add more displays to your laptop using Slidenjoy by adding screens from the back of the computer. You can use displays of different sizes and brands so that more users can view the presentation that too in high definition. You can rotate the screen in a 180-degree rotation and allow people to see across the table. A single USB port is used to connect these devices and hence no unwanted accessories.

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse: Marketed as a productivity tool. A user with a few swipes can scan and edit in Microsoft Apps like Word or Excel. You can swipe a text, image or a table and the scanner will scan and send it to the desired MS office app. It supports various languages and also allows to use Google translate post scanning. The images thus scanned can be shared on social media. It can also be used for your work like scanning a receipt, financial documents, kids drawing, etc.

Keezel: This is a device which is used to provide security from cyber-attacks and enjoy the internet without any worries. Moreover, it protects all your devices which can be on any network, with the push of a button. It provides internet security and provides online freedom; you can visit websites that are blocked and watch any show or games or programs that are restricted. One Keezel secures all the devices that you own without the need for any installation. It uses VPN technology and thus enhances your online privacy, safety and security. The data and other confidential information are safe from hackers or any government surveillance.

Magicstick: It is a device that can make your TV into a computer. It is a plug and play device where you plug this device into a TV along with a keyboard and a mouse, and it becomes a computer. It comes with Windows 10, and Android Lollipop loaded and supports Linux too. You can browse the internet, play games and much more using this device.