Hotels In The Past

Hotels In The Past

The hospitality industry went through massive changes in the past hundred years. Today’s hotels have transformed every single caprice of their guests into the usual need. Back in the days, the priority was to provide clean sheets and tasty food.

Nowadays, some hotels have so many different services that guests don’t need to leave the hotel at all. In the past, the caterers wanted to serve their guests well while today, they want to spoil them.

Novelties Of Modern Era

Half a century ago, hotels provided essential services. Global progress brought changes in accommodating facilities too. For example, the first mini-bars in the hotel rooms appeared in the seventies of the last century. This concept is well accepted, and soon it spread around the world. Thirsty guests can take drinks at every decent hotel in the world from a small fridge – but it will cost them a lot. The same thing happened with Wireless Internet connection and air conditioning.

Meaning Of Luxury Now And Then

Shampoo bottles, tinny soaps, chocolate bars that you could find on a pillow, and other ‘hotel souvenirs’ are a small sign of concern that can mean a lot. A few decades ago, this was unimaginable. People saw luxury differently. Hotels provided their most luxurious accommodation with high-quality furniture made of solid wood, expensive linens made of silk, absolute privacy, and a 24/7 service.

Today, due to high prices, even some everyday things became luxurious. You will not find the bottle of shampoo mentioned above in a low-budget accommodation. Outside the hotel room, these bottles cost only a few dollars. And when they fit into the ambiance of expensive hotels, they become synonymous for luxury. Some people are ready to pay more than the real price, just because of such small things.