Things To Know About Chinese Medicine


Things To Know About Chinese Medicine

Chinese medical centre has become a very profitable business in the Middle East, as more people understand the benefits its treatments can bring. While some of these methods are present for the past thousands of years throughout entire Asia, Chinese medical centre in Dubai has become popular in recent years.

It’s All About Emotions And Energy

According to Chinese medical centre, the leading causes of the disease are emotions, and each organ has the one related to it. Experts conduct treatments based on learning that each organ has its own energy flow.  And every organ is related to some of the five elements. This concept is not only seen in eastern medicine but in the vital energy flows within the body and through the blood. Any factor that influences its course creates a health problem.

Two Concepts Of Chinese Medicine

The two basic concepts of traditional Chinese medicine are a holistic, overall approach to the patient, and the determination of a treatment based on the differentiation of symptoms. The point of Chinese medicine practiced in is in finding the cause of the disease, not only in treating the consequences.

Detailed Diagnostic

Experts in Chinese medicine do not think only about where it hurts and what disturbs you. They are interested in your way of life because it has a significant impact on your vital energy. It is necessary to return the entire organism to the balance; not just treat specific symptoms.

A Chinese medicine specialist uses almost all the senses when examining the patient – watching, listening, even smelling. At the same time, they have a conversation based on which doctors can observe a patient’s behavior. This overview gives a complete picture of the health condition.