Three Important Things To Know About Chinese Medicine

Three Important Things To Know About Chinese Medicine

Treatments that use the methods of traditional Chinese medicine are becoming more and more popular around the world. People turn to this holistic approach when they lose hope in conventional methods, but even when they do not want to be treated in the usual way. This type of medicine does heal not only the body, but also the spirit, and covers all health aspects.

It Has Roots In Philosophy

The base of traditional Chinese medicine is the philosophy of duality, the so-called yin-yang principle. It is also believed that the flow of energy has a significant impact on human health and that each individual can initiate the process of self-healing. As people themselves are the only culprits for disease development, they can reverse this process too. Finding a balance is a must; it provides a smooth flow of energy. Healing methods only support this process.

Medications Are Plant-Based

Nature is a cure, and in nature, we should find a cure for every disease. If more people adhere to these principles, the pharmaceutical industry of today would be shaken to its roots. Traditional Chinese medicine uses some well-known plants we all have in our kitchen (like turmeric or ginger), but their potentials are not fully exploited. Chinese medicine clinics relies primarily on healthy nutrition, as a cure and prevention, and then to natural remedies.

Still Not Scientifically Proven

Although the western world accepted it almost 50 years ago, it appears that Chinese medicine is still standing behind the conventional healing methods. Scientists have a hard task to find hard evidence of the effectiveness of these treatments. A metaphysical understanding of Chinese medicine is still not fully approved, but that does not prevent people from believing in the healing potentials of their own body and energy.