Why Are Some Hotels Overpriced?

Why Are Some Hotels Overpriced?

It is a known fact that the United Arab Emirates and Emirati citizens are incredibly wealthy. Therefore, their expensive lifestyle ensures them with an easy way of living. The costly cars they drive, fancy houses and mansions, jewelry, and everything else sets them apart from most of the world. Many best hotels in Dubai are known for the fantastic service they provide for their guests. Not only that the service is excellent, but the quality of service and the way hotels present their services to their guests are also extraordinary. Some of the best hotels in Dubai can brag about the guests they had accommodated. Kings and Queens, Presidents and other high-level politicians, wealthy businesspeople, and many other distinguished guests.

Prices Are As High As Dubai Buildings

The higher the building in Dubai – the higher the price. That’s the logic some people use, but it’s not necessarily like that. The best hotels in Dubai are the most expensive ones since they want to attract only the most esteemed guests they can. All the high-class guests that visit the city will attract more tourists to the city as well. We are aware that more tourists mean more money. When you’re able to invest a lot, the return of your investment will be high as much.

The Service

How can expensive hotels justify their high prices? They can justify their prices only with the quality of the services they offer. That’s one of the reasons hotels and restaurants in the UAE have come up with the idea of implementing some of the expensive items in their menus like gold flakes ice-cream served with the golden spoon, etc. Rooms with gold plated paintings, diamonds, and so on. The level of their ingenuity regarding the luxury is out of this world, but only to explain the high prices they have set for accommodating guests in their establishments.